Teradata Database Server is optimized for viewing and managing large amounts of data. It is fully scalable, implements parallel processing, is fault tolerant and ensures integrity of the data.

The Teradata Database is comprised of a number of modules which are represented by:

Teradata Database Window

Database Window application controls the operation of the Teradata Database

Teradata Gateway

Teradata Gateway provides and controls communications, client messages and encryption

Parallel Data Extensions

Parallel Data Extensions (PDE) is a software that enables parallel processing in the Teradata database

Teradata Database management software

Teradata Database management software includes Parsing Engine (PE), Access module processor (AMP) and the Teradata file system

Teradata System Components


TTU is a set of client applications to facilitate access to the Teradata Database. The most widely used Teradata client tools are:

Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata SQL Assistant – a graphical tool that provides quick and easy database development and administration access


BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query) is a batch query processing facility

Teradata loading tools

The Teradata loading and unloading applications include MultiLoad (MLoad), TPump, FastExport, FastLoad, Parallel Transporter

Teradata ODBC driver

ODBC Teradata Driver is used to access Teradata Database from other tools and environments. An JDBC Interface for accessing Java applications is also available

Teradata OLE DB

Teradata OLE DB Provider is an interface for manipulating data

Teradata Administrator

Teradata Administrator is a database administration interface for DBA's

Teradata CLIv2

Teradata Call-Level Interface (CLIv2) is an interface between applications and the Teradata Gateway


Teradata Manager

Teradata Manager is a set of graphical database management and controlling tools

Teradata Performance Monitor

Teradata Performance Monitor is an application used for monitoring database sessions, resources usage and performance statistics

Teradata Visual Explain

Teradata Visual Explain produces graphical presentation of SQL scripts

Teradata Index Wizard

Teradata Index Wizard tool helps increase the indexes performance

Teradata Statistics Wizard

Teradata Statistics Wizard automates statistics generation

Teradata ARC

Teradata ARC (Archive and Recovery) utility provides tape archive and recovery process for the Teradata Databases

Teradata MDS

Teradata MDS (Meta Data Services) is a metadata management system. The components of MDS include centrally managed Metadata Repository, an MDS engine, Metamodels and Teradata MetaSurf web based view into the metadata repository.

Teradata Warehouse Builder

Teradata Warehouse Builder (Teradata WB) is an object-oriented software system that executes multiple instances of ETL (extract-transform-load) processes in a scalable, parallel Teradata environment.

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