Teradata Certification Pay's off

Dazzling us with their shimmering volunteer spirit, 11,753 certified IT professionals weighed in over the course of roughly seven weeks at the end of 2015, each contributing some 20 to 30 minutes of their time to help us create a picture of the IT salary landscape in the United States and elsewhere (115 other nations) around the globe. Woop in the survey Teradata Certification is ranked 7th across all IT Technologies.

Below are the salary survey results for all the professional


Teradata Salary Survey


A Teradata Certified Master enjoys a distinct advantage in the global marketplace. Employers seek Teradata Certified staff with verifiable knowledge and skills that support their business critical Teradata systems. The TCPP Certification process supports individuals who want to continue to deepen their knowledge and build their skills beyond the Job Role Certifications.

The global market dictates the value of current and relevant certifications. It is important to align your Teradata Certified Master credential with the most current Certification Track. Earning the most current Teradata Master Certification positions you for future, streamlined upgrades. 

The details of Examination and preparation guideline is provided in the link : Certification

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