Teradata Important Queries
Queries to Download Link for Download
Converting Byte filed to Hexadecimal Converting Byte to Hexadecimal
Accessrights reporting macro Accesright_Latin
Collect Stats Report Stale Stats Report
Debugging a procedure Debug a Proc
Generate collect statistics statement Collect Stats Generate Script
Stored Procedures – Cursor Processing Curson in Stored Proc
Find the number of rows of all tables in a database? Count of Records in Table
Pros and Cons of Stored Procedures Advantages of Stored Proc
New version of stats query for TD12.0.3.1/TD13.0.0.21 Stats query A
Stats query B
Stats query C
Stats query D
UDFs and unicode symbols UDF & UNICODE SYMBOL
New stats query Stats_64bits.sql
Block Update and Block Insert Mload Block Level Insert and Update
Replacing unprintable text Replacing unprintable text
Skewed Table – Space usage v/s AMP Colocation Skewed Table – Space usage v/s AMP Colocation
TDWM rule-sets TDWM rule-sets
Data BlockSize Data BlockSize
Auto DB space add Auto DB space add
Chart CPU Utilization Chart CPU Utilization
View statistic values View statistic values
Need script for killing sessions automatically

for particular user at particular time

Killing Session
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