Authentication Error

DBC.logonoff : Event column

Account Name Column

The AccountName column is the current unexpanded account name for the session.

Possible Values For Event Column

•  Logon
•  Logoff
•  Logon failed

This value means a (Authentication Failure ) logon failed for reasons other than “Bad User,” “Bad Account,” or “Bad Password.” Currently, those other reasons are a failure to conform to Logon Rules or an attempt to log on without a password, where the TDP logon exit does not approve the logon.
•  Bad user
•  Bad account

This value means the user provided an account string during logon time, but that string does not match any of the account names specified for the user in the SQL CREATE USER or MODIFY USER statement.
•  Bad password
•  Bad profile

The external profile associated with the logon request does not exist. External profiles are stored in the directory server.
•  Forced off

This value indicates that the user session was terminated from the Teradata Database console or the PM/API.
•  IP restriction

This value indicates the user is not permitted to log on from the IP address used.
•  Authentication failed
•  Bad authentication

This value may indicate other authentication errors: bad authentication field, deprecated logons, decryption failure, and so forth.

Username Column

The UserName column returns “Non-existent User” when a user tries to log on with a bad username.

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