Cloud Computing

DBA’s are the crucial part of any successful organization, They play a critical role in providing Organization data security, Integrity and smooth functioning of organization by providing continuous data availability.

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Teradata DBA Functionalities and Responsibilities

Teradata Architecture

  • Architecture Overview
  • Exploring  AMP’s
  • Exploring  PE’s
  • Exploring BY-NET
  • Exploring Disk Array’s

Teradata Tools and Utilities

  • Teradata Viewpoint explained
  • Teradata Index Wizard
  • Teradata Statistics Wizard
  • Teradata Visual Explain
  • Teradata System Emulation Tool

Operation DBA Activities

  • Query Tuning
  • Space Issues
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Work Load Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Backup and Recovery

Application DBA Activities

  • Database Object Design
  • Index selection & creation
  • Database Modelling

Security DBA Activities

  • Creating User’s
  • Granting and Revoking Access
  • User Access Logging
  • Tracking Log on/off

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