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If you believe, as I do, in the wisdom of the crowd, then it’s time for a wholesale shift in how people think about data discovery and analytics. The current working model in the Big Data space typically has companies keeping all of their work within their walls. When they talk with others in their industry there’s little collaboration for fear of destroying the value they have created. Naturally companies need to protect their intellectual property and maintain their value. That being said, even companies concerned about protecting their intellectual property can take advantage of a crowd based model. There are many options when it comes to sharing data and analytics that don’t require exposing privileged information, and not all companies have the same restrictions.  What’s right for a Fortune 500 company might not work for a company of 50, or a university researcher, or a not for profit.

Large companies have resources that put them at a competitive advantage. Amazon can hire the best Big Data technologists and data scientists. This means that smaller companies have to find ways to be competitive by doing things more creatively.  Just because access to tools and people are limited that doesn’t mean they …

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