Data Corruption
Table Rebuild is a utility that repairs data corruption. It does so by rebuilding tables on a specific AMP vproc based on data located on the other AMP vprocs in the fallback cluster.

Table Rebuild can rebuild data in the following subsets:

  • The primary or fallback portion of a table
  • An entire table (both primary and fallback portions)
  • All tables in a database
  • All tables that reside on an AMP vproc
  • Table Rebuild performs differently based on the type of table (for example, fallback or not).
Type of Table
Fallback Tables
Delete the table header (one row table which defines a user data table)
Delete specified portion of the table being rebuilt
Rebuild the table header
Rebuild the specified portion of the table
Non-fallback Tables
Delete the table header.
Rebuild the table header.
Permanent Journal Tables
Delete data for the table being rebuilt.
Rebuild the table header.
Locks the table pending rebuild.
Note: You must restore non-fallback data.
Note: You can start REBUILD when the failed AMP has been fixed and brought back to the OFFLINE state
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