Hot Standby Node

A Hot Standby Node (HSN) is a node that is a member of a clique that is not configured (initially) to execute any Teradata vprocs. If a node in the clique fails, the AMPs from the failed node move to the hot standby node. The performance degradation is 0%.

When the failed node is recovered/repaired and restarted, it becomes the new hot standby node. A second restart of Teradata is not needed.

Characteristics of a hot standby node are:

  • A node that is a member of a clique. 
  • Does not normally participate in the trusted parallel application (TPA). 
  • Can be brought into the configuration when a node fails in the clique. 
  • Helps with unplanned outages. 
  • Eliminates the need for a restart to bring a failed node back into service. 
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