Data Science

A 2017 LinkedIn report lists statistical analysis, data mining and data presentation among the top ten in-demand skills in the United States. The skills, which are a part of the data science field, emerged from an amalgamation of the computer science and statistics disciplines. Data scientists combine computer modelling and statistics to transform information into actionable reports that aid organisations in achieving objectives.

The field is considered one of the most attractive career tracks in the modern marketplace.

Through 2018, experts forecast the start of a shortage in the deep analytical data science field where demand outpaces talent by 50- to 60-percent and leads to 140,000 to 190,000 vacant post openings in addition to a deficiency of 1.5 million analysts and information managers.

The field has gained status due to its high salary as well as ample marketplace opportunities and post openings. Resultingly, the data science career marketplace is fertile ground for freshly minted and moderately experienced talent.

Because of their special understanding of statistics and applied mathematics, data scientists can evaluate hypotheses using experiments of their own design by developing the programming language used to gather, collect and store information. Their exceptional expertise – a combination of technical, analytical and presentation skills – …

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