“Successful businesses understand how interconnected data and cloud strategies are key to a cohesive business strategy”, as Hortonworks CTO, Scott Gnau, emphasized in his recent blog, that data, cloud and business strategies are inextricably linked for businesses to stay competitive today. Organizations can extrapolate new insight, accelerate product time to market, optimize resources, and even safeguard against harm of data breaches, all through a hybrid data and cloud strategy. As digital transformation takes place, an integrated hybrid strategy is seen as the essential foundation upon which new business models and competitive advantages are based.


This point was exemplified at Zulily, a Seattle-based online retailer whose mission is to bring its customers fresh and interesting products every day. Zulily struggled to integrate and analyze data across different silos to accomplish the level of personalization required to enhance shopping experience for its site visitors, hence stalling the business growth. The company came to the realization that in order for their business vision to materialize, they need the best of both worlds: a sound data and cloud strategy – a modern architecture that combines the strength of big data and cloud computing – an answer that is Hortonworks on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The determination led Zulily to the creation of Zulily Data Platform (ZDP) that is based on:

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®). With YARN as its architectural center, HDP provides a data platform for multi-workload data processing across an array of processing methods – from batch through interactive to real-time, supported by key capabilities required of an enterprise data platform – spanning governance, security and operations.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering.
  • Google BigQuery, a cloud-based tool for data query across massive data sets.
  • Tableau, a visualization and reporting tool suite.

With ZDP, Zulily was able to scale both storage and analytics on-demand to support the efforts of enhancing customer experience through better personalization and targeting. As a highly scalable unified data platform for structured and unstructured data, ZDP gave the company’s business analysts easy access to all the information as well as the scalability to support data growth over the long term. In just 4-month time, the customer was able to capitalize on this in-production data platform that provides blazing fast data analytics and insight, enabling them to shorten decision making from weeks to minutes.


To further enhance the value and commitments to our customers, Hortonworks and Google Cloud announced the expanded partnership at DataWorks Summit 2018. Hortonworks and Google continue to collaborate to optimize Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) for Google Cloud Platform to deliver big data analytics for hybrid cloud deployments as well as hybrid big data architecture across on-premises and cloud. The key integrations and benefits include the following:

  • Google Cloud Storage optimized for running big data workloads with deeper integration with HDP.
  • Flexibility and agility for ephemeral workloads as on-demand analytics workloads can be spun up in minutes with no up-front cost and unlimited elastic scale.
  • Fast analytics at scale as Apache Hive and Apache Spark can be leveraged for interactive query, machine learning and data analytics in GCP.
  • Consistent management, security, governance, and movement across multiple data types from the enterprise edge to the cloud.
  • Automated cloud provisioning for HDP and HDF in GCP, making it even easier for customers to configure and secure workloads for the cloud while optimizing the use of cloud resources.
  • Get real-time streaming analytics by building streaming applications in minutes to capture perishable insights without writing a single line of code.

Together Hortonworks and Google enable customers to easily adopt Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for their big data workloads. Our partnership provides a best-of-breeds approach for your hybrid data and cloud strategy that will always put you ahead of your company’s growth curve, powering the business future of your organization.

To learn more about the partnership:

  • Visit us at Google Next 18
    Stop by Mascone West, level 3, booth W3600 or attend the breakout session Running Hortonworks Data Platform on Google Cloud on Wednesday, July 25th 12:35 – 1:25PM.
  • Watch below The Cube Interview at DataWorks Summit 2018:

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