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In a world that increasingly revolves around data, security is key. Unfortunately, too often organisations do not take security seriously. Big tech giants like Facebook allow firms such as Cambridge Analytica to syphon away 50 million user profiles, while the average Internet of Things device is so easy to hack that a kid can do it, even if it is meant to be a highly-secure crypto wallet. In the years to come, data will only increase in importance and as such in value. With that will come increased attention by hackers to steal data or hack your products, services or servers. More than ever, data security is vital if we wish to benefit from it.

Data security comes in many flavours, which roughly speaking can be divided into three different streams:

Processes and organisational solutions;
Technical and hardware solutions;
Data and software solutions.

Let’s briefly discuss the first two, which should be obvious for all of us by now and take deep dive in the third stream:

Processes and organisational solutions

Security processes and organisational solutions are very straightforward, or at least should be. By now, every organisation should enforce a hard-to-guess password, preventing users and employees from using passwords such as 123456 or qwertyui, which, unfortunately, …

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