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Last month, I had the incredible opportunity through my current employer to attend Gartner Data & Analytics summit in London, one of the top conferences around emerging trends in Data and Analytics. This year about 1600 people attended the event, expecting to get invaluable information on applying the latest data and analytics technologies to generate new revenue. Most attendees were C-level executives such as CIOs, CTOs or Head of Analytics from top companies globally.

Top trends in the IT sector

This year, the conference had a lot of buzz and sessions around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning. Maybe it is just a hype as it appears that still, a number of companies have been able to launch AI models in production.

Yet, this hype is real, and Gartner already predicts that the use of AI and Machine Learning in the enterprise will enable a new efficiency wave that will empower the Business and reduce the need for IT.

Source: Hype Cycle for Data Science & Machine Learning — 2017 Gartner

Technologies such as Augmented Data Discovery, Advanced Anomaly Detection, AutoML and Predictive Analytics can provide to the Business the answers they have been looking for regarding business outcomes while reducing the need to have IT spending time …

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