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You know who you are. A high-calibre machine learning magician, a well-versed wrangler of data… but you want a bit more from your role. That may be progression, more money or the chance to work on new, more exciting projects, but where do you go from here?

Many companies are looking to increase investment in data science departments and looking for leaders to build out new teams to do this. But before you take the plunge into the C-level, weigh up what this role entails and how much it will differ from what you do now.

Chief Data Science roles in companies of all sizes are increasing steadily as more investment is put into data efforts on larger, operational scale within businesses. However, the actual ins and outs of this role can vary widely between organisation depending on size and structure.

As a Chief Data Scientist, the ability to highlight where exactly companies may be missing out in using the right data, or making the use of its existing data and shaping it from an analytical side where these opportunities can for into a wider business strategy is key. As a Chief Data Scientist, you will be involved in many different projects related to …

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