Cloud Computing

1)  Query to find Skew factor of a particular table

2) How do you list all the objects available in given database?

3) How to find duplicates in a table?

4) How do you find whether table is locked or not?

5) How to view every column and the columns contained in indexes in Teradata?

7) How can you track Login Parameters of users in Teradata?

8) How can you find the Teradata Release and Version information from Data Dictionary Table?

9) How can you find the Table Space Size of your table across all AMP

10) How can you determine I/O and CPU usage at a user level in Teradata?

11) How to check the status of backup/Recovery when Net vault/Netbackup is not installed ?

12) BTEQ script to fetch the DDL’s of table/view/macro

13) How to find the space utilized by particular database in teradata ?

14) When I get an error stating ‘NO MORE SPOOL SPACE IN USER’ what does it mean?

15) To find the number of nodes?

16) Query to find number of Amps per node ?

17) Query to find the number of vprocs

18) To find the number of AMP

19) TO find the number of PE’s

20) List the Users in Teradata warehouse ?

21) Details for Access & Access Rights for a User in Teradata

22) How to find the access count of a table/column/database by an user ?

23) How to find the space used by a particular database in Teradata?

24) How to find the performance logs of a query ? How to identify if query is bad



27) How to find the missing stats on partition column ?

28) How to find Empty partition in a table ?

29) How to find DUPLICATE STATS & HIGH CPU CONSUMING STATS in the datawarehouse ?

30) How to generate a list of tables which are of type ” SET ” in Teradata ?

31) How to generate a list of tables which are FALLBACK in Teradata ?

32) How to generate the list of Unused Index in Teradata warehouse ?

33) How to generate the list of database’s which are not used by any user in Teradata warehouse ?

34) How to generate list of tables having UNNECESSARY CASESPECIFIC defined in column ?

35) How to list down the unwanted stats collected on Teradata environment ?

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